Sunday, September 20, 2009

what a great weekend!

Friday after the kids came home from school the whole family went to the county dog shelter for Sydney's birthday. She has been wanting a little dog she can keep beside her and sleep with her. Well after a tearful trip( its very depressing to see them all in the cages barking) She finally made her choice. His name at the shelter was Bogey but Syd named him Gizmo. He had been at the shelter since the 13 of this month. He is a wonderful addition to the family even though I really did not want another pet. He is very lovable. Saturday was Sydney's slumber party --it went very well. They had an awesome time dancing and singing. They ended up watching movies until 5 am sunday. Oh to be young again.

waiting for her little doggie to come out to go home with us.
Walking to the car
In the car before we left the parking lot of the county dog shelter.look how happy Sydney is!

The cake I made Sydney --red velvet with this red and white frosting.


  1. He is so cute!!!! He looks like he loves her already! Love that dog sign! Thanks for your comments on my lo. The 100 one took me 2 days. LOL The other one wasn't long but I had everything laid out for a few days. That seems to be the way I scrap now. Sneak in 30 mins. for the ninja challenge in a week. It's very sad! LOL How was Syd's party btw?

  2. Hey! Email me some pics of the party! I wanna see the girls all dressed up. LOL I was tellin Shelby all about it. She is so not into the 80's. What a dork. ROFL

  3. I was checking to see if you had gotten my ATC card. I don't want to post it before you do. The dog is so cute. Hope you are doing well.