Friday, September 18, 2009

a birthday and my atc's

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SYDNEY_____________:) love you mom

OMG!! I am in ATC heaven. I loved making the glitter atc swap but now I want more and more of these bad boys. I want to go to the thrift store to find a tin for them--i have looked at these about 5 times since I received them yesterday. I am hooked--thanks ALLY for these swaps--i can't wait for more!

I have to get this house cleaned because Saturday there will be 8 teenage girls here--my dd wants an 80's themed party so we have the 80's music, 80's movies and they will play the 80's sing star I also bought safety pin and beads to make friendship pins( totally 80's). We are going today to pick up jelly bracelets to give to the girls--MADONNA--:) Oh its going to be the 80's all over again. I have a huge collection of cds so they will not run out of music but I might go a little crazy with 8 teenage girls. fun fun fun times! I wish I could sit down and create but there's no time. Have an awesome Friday-----------------gina


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Syd! I can NOT wait to see the pics of the party. You need lots of hairspray & buttons. ROFL Cute ATC's.

  2. i love, love, loved your atc. just wanted to say thanks. this was so much fun.

  3. o0o0o0 love these! :)


  4. Loved the ATC I received from you! And I see you got one of my egg cards! Such fun! Thanks!!

  5. Thank you for your ATC, I loved it:) So fun!!!! I am just posting about the ones I got now.