Tuesday, September 15, 2009

atc, necklace, shrinky dinks and funny pics

very simple atc its for a friend we are swapping one of eachother
my new necklace from a garage sale from the weekend--not the star i added it. the lady that makes the beaded necklaces is ill but this keeps her busy while she is home from work.
i used my qk with some shrinky dink plastic to make my embellies--man i remember my first pack of sd back in the 80's but i did forget how fun they were.
Yesterday I took this picture of me fooling around making faces ---thought it would give people a laugh or maybe a smile --which we all need to do more often. have an awesome day---gina---:)


  1. You goofball! I LOVE the way you did the ribbon on your lo! You rock!

  2. Oh good pic!
    About the instax camera! I would totally take any color! LOL. Doesnt matter LOL! Although on the fuji website it seems like they have white ones with color accents! :D like bright blue or pink! :D
    I dont think I have ever really played with the shrinkies, i love them on your LO!