Monday, September 14, 2009

wow its Monday--pics and los

Just wanted to show my hair yesterday---I need to retouch the color --its really coming out. I dyed it purple at one time but the color wouldn't stay in long so I redid it red.
My dd ---She cracks me up--her sunglasses broke so she went around wearing them the way they were--silly but she looks so cute.

this lo is actually my second for this challenge over at the PINK NINJA'S--bff's---I had to do one of my dh. One time he had some sparkles on his face so that is when I called him my knight in shimmering armor--that's the story behind the title. I really love h0w this turned out--not every time do i love a lo. Do you ever feel that you make your self scrap pictures you really don't love but love the moment they were taken so you want to keep the memory. I made it my goal to stop wanting to make every lo perfect--they are mine--:) if you want to see my 1st lo of bff scroll down to firday's post.
Here is my challenge for the random challenge over at the Pink ninja's--they hit over a 100 followers---how awesome is that? so so cool and they do rock--i can see why they have so many followers. for this challenge I used 102( the amount of followers they actually have) of my faves. I am sure I left out some. Go check out their awesome blog!!


  1. GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your 100 things is AMAZING! Your hair is so cute. LOL at Syd!

  2. Oh! I love them BOTH!!!! Great job! Thanks for celebrating with us over at the Pink Ninjas!

    Ninja Adrienne

  3. gina ~ youre so rad for making the layout 102 followers ~ such a hard core follower ~ and we love you for it!!!
    both of these layouts are awesome ~ i love seeing what you create next!!!

  4. oh wow! LOVE ur randoms LO! thanks for playing :)