Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thrifting and los--what a great tuesday

I bought two bags of vintage( some of it) sewing stuff at the thrift today. I think I walked away with more scissors ( 5 pairs) what will i need that many? But I bought the bags for the buttons ( in the bowls) not sure what the heck that blue and white thing is--I told my dh that its for his ipod touch--:) I think the brown and tan circle knitted thing is a pot holder or hot pad. I bought two bowls for the dogs to eat and drink out of and a My chemical romance tee for my dd--it was half off. This lo is for the blog Scrap outside the box--- paper clips is the challenge. I am not 100% sure about this lo but I do love the paper I used and all the hearts--the rainbow paper is from the 1.00 store--gotta love those stores for some cool finds. The paper is really meant for the computer but its called scrap outside the box for a reason right? two huge paper clips with cute little hearts that are die cuts

Sorry this pic is so dark--I have been trying to get to this before the next one was up. This is for the PINK NINJA's ---prompt was to scrap our collections. I love vinatge cameras -- I love the look of them. They had way more character way back when ---right? I love the thrill of the hunt for one at fleamarket( at the right price) and thrift stores. I would have used one of my pics but I did not get any printed--sorry! I created this lo using what I had. So I I do have pics here on my blog of my collection( well part).


  1. Fun LO like the cardboard! Thanks for playing along with us!

    Ninja Adrienne

  2. Love the one of Syd. It's all so perfect together! The cameras one is awesome too! I love everything about it!!

  3. ohhhh gina ~ both layouts rock ~ and i love you for playing along with us ninjas and us at scrap outside the box!!! youre a rock star lady!!!

  4. I love those bags full of sewing stuff from thrift stores. About the glitter from the ATC- I got it at Wal Mart a few years ago. It came in a little 3 pack with 3 different colors. I don't have the packaging and don't remember the name of it.

  5. ooooh!!! really like your layouts!! awesome job girly!!!