Friday, September 25, 2009

its friday?

our little Gizmo. He has made us all so happy! We are lucky to have found him at the shelter.

My thrift finds for the day--ok I know we go too much. My boys joined Karate Thursday so we thought we would look for uniforms at the thrift. No luck! but my dh did find a bag of belts--:) The wooden crate will be for my Quickutz( it says snickers on the frontand back but will paint it white or black). The white bowls are going to sit on my desk to hold little goodies. Love those pins --not sure what i will use them for but they are pretty.

How cute is this little guy? SO so cute couldn't pass him up. I think my dh thinks I am alittle crazy. I put this little guy on my desk and said look at the cuteness. He is for sure hand painted but thats ok ---I wouldn't dare covering up that cute face. I paid only 1.91 for him.

What is going on with you this weekend? I wish I could stay home to create but that is not going to happen. I wanted to tonight but what did I do? I was on the net--man it sucks you in. I have blogs that I stalk--I mean that. I feel like I need to find another addiction or some other hobby. These blogs that I stalk inspire me so much. Hope your weekend is filled with a lot of inspiration.


  1. oh wow. I love that little owl you thrifted. so so cute. :)

  2. Don't you just loooooove having a dog?! I have had Catalina (my chihuahua) for 5 years and am still sooooo in love with her and loved by her every single day :) Happy weekend!!

  3. Still no ATC? Man I don't get it!!!