Friday, April 9, 2010

our babies

Dozer---was given to us by a lady I worked with in 2001
Gizmo--My dd adopted him in September from the dog shelter.
Pebbles--My dd kitty. Sydney received pebbles for her 9th birthday.
Willow---I came back from trick or treating with a kitty.

I figured I would post all of our furry babies. Here you go what do you think of our babies? I wanted Becky to finally see Gizmo. I think her little Mickey and Gizmo could be twins.

Do you have any cuties?

Have a great day and remember to smile---xoxo gina


  1. They are all so cute! We have a 6 month old lab/german shepard mix named Frankie (short for Frankenstein).

    Have a great weekend Gina!

  2. sooo cute!!!! Dozer is so handsome!! I have a Rottie named Max, as I am sure you already know. My middle child lol :) Have a happy Friday!!!! <3333

  3. Oh what little cuties I love all your fur babies! You know all my little ones! Have a great weekend



  4. OH MY GORSH! Your kitties look like my babies! Well...I have a grey one...Junior & I had one with siamese markings, his name was kittie looks just like him! He lived to be 10 & then the coyotes moved in...dang dogs... He was seriously my BABY! =(
    But on a brighter note...that was YEARS ago & your aminals are amazingly cute!

  5. You said you never get good pics of them. That one of Gizmo is awesome! I love the one of Willow too. They are all so cute. Oh and I have no animals. ROFLMAO!


  6. awww, They are so cute! I love doggies. I have one rat terrier, Puddin. She's really old tho, LOL! she's 10.
    Xoxo, Katie

  7. Adorable! I love seeing photos of people's pets. I have two - Percy the greyhound and Caesar the cat. I love them!

  8. ahhh... I love the furbabies. We have a 6 year old rat terrier/shih-tzu mix, he passes for a jack russel a lot of the time. I have pics on my blog from earlier this week if you would like to see him you can stop by

  9. Super cute babies. We have a french/english bulldog mix.

  10. Too cute...we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rat...we have
    I sent out your card on Friday...let me know when you get it!!! Have a great weekend Happy Mail Pal!!!

  11. How cute your babies are :) we just got two kittens Frank & Cora...and we have a chinchilla named Louie