Thursday, April 8, 2010

dt layout and Pink Ninja's prompt

I did this for the design team for Scrap Outside the Box . The challenge is to use a comic. The comic I used for this says---"Just when you think girls are no fun, you run into one like Gina." Not sure why its not up on the blog but I did send it last month. Oh well ---here it is for all to see! Lindsay btw those are the letters I will be making you. I used the paper I marbled by using shaving cream and food coloring. One of my friends said I should do a DIY. What do you think? Sounds like a good idea to me. Jami thank you for my star/dotted paper!! THE PINK NINJA'S CHALLENGE ---I LOVE THIS BLOG!!
Prompt~Labels---- i used the deer card for a label ( i know its not really but I could not think of anything else--:( I know I collect everything but its the only thing that really went.

Technique~recycled packaging---owl cut from a pack of pencils , tissue paper from Happy Mail package and heart stickers from Samuel's valentines--reuse!!!

Pink Twist~ Ribbon----- check!!

If you need a little push to scrap please visit these blogs. smile---xoxo gina


  1. I love the letters!!! I really do think you need to do a DIY!! Your pages are soooo cute!!! I love the border you used around your dd :)

  2. Those are both really cute!
    we should definitlely do another swap soon. ;)
    xoxo, Katie

  3. GINA - those cupcakes are perfect,,, that frame is rad and your girl is precious!! I love this layout - actually I love em both,,, that comic looks perfect on the scrap outside the box challenge,,, I always look forward to your creations,,, prompt after prompt after prompt,,, :-) thanks Gina - for always rolling with the ninjas,,,
    {xoxo} Ally

  4. You should totally do DIY :D Love the letters

    have a great day



  5. oh wow, loving both these layouts! esp the cupcakes and the deer on the second one!!! thanks for playing along!!!!

  6. Very cool! love the owl it's a hoot!

  7. cute layouts!! im sad your layout didnt get posted on sotb :(

  8. these both rock!!! thanks for playing along with the ninjas!

  9. cool pages Gina :) Love the frame on Sydney's is great that you recycle too!!