Wednesday, April 7, 2010

thrifty goodness

This is probably my favorite owl by far. I found it tucked behind the wicker baskets. Usually these items are not in that area so, I am sure some one thought they would come back to get him. SUCKER!!! He is super heavy! He was my most expensive item today--just under $5.00. Contact paper---wait for it wait for it........90 cents!!! YAY what a score!

I spotted him from the end of the isle. This owl votive holder( .90 cents) will be in my next giveaway. I think he is super cute but I figured I would spread the owl love. Stay tuned before the weekend is up. Not sure if he is real crystal but I am sure he will be pretty with the candle light glowing behind him.

I also bought a shirt for .99 cents but its in the washer.

tomorrow I will be showing some scrappy goodness. remember to smile---xoxo gina


  1. Oh you're soooo lucky to find that contact paper! I've been dying to get some! Haha! I should probably just go & buy it...haha! But yay for scoring on some cool owls!

  2. ahhh so cute!!! and seriously that whole roll of contact paper for 90 cents??? WOW!!! thats really awesome!! Hope you have an awesome day :) Thank you for your super sweet comment :)

  3. oooh, lucky! those owls are soo freakin adorable! :D I'm jealous of that contact paper too! I love woodgrain.
    xoxo, Katie

  4. Oh you know I am in love the owls! good job!



  5. Awesome finds and contact paper for .90?!?! Amazing!

    Have a great day Gina! :)

  6. i got a fantastic owl "piggy" bank when i was thrifting . . . just $2.99!!

  7. You have a good eye, Gina! We would be awesome thrifters together. I always spot the deals, too. My mom gets jealous that I find the bargains before her. haha. Super cool owls!

  8. SUCKER!!! lol you crack me up! you're right though lol I bet someone was hiding him, but finders keepers!
    I like the contact paper very much!
    Put up a picture of your pup! And email me at becksorange at gmail dot com and I'll send you a "iPad" ;)

  9. Great finds! The owls are awesome.

  10. LOVE your owls! I have a friend that loves owls as well & I remember when my mom collected them when I was a kid. Them & mushroom stuff. Your animals are super cute too!