Saturday, April 10, 2010


Elsie's Polaroid tattoo---Love love love!!
reminds me of the camera I learned photography.
I have a few of these in my camera collection.
Good old film--:D
cartoon looking camera--:D
Yes!! I am having a little problem thinking of anything but ink.
I know what I want but not sure where to put it. One day I will have my obsession taken care of. Do you have an obsession?

images found on flickr and photobucket. Have a super Saturday filled with lots of smiles and laughter---xoxo gina


  1. guess what I got today a polaroid camera for 1.00 woot woot! do you know where I can get film? I love all the pictures! Oh I wish we lived closer we would tear up some thrift stores and yard sales!


  2. I LOVE these tattoos! I'd love to get a brownie camera! That'd be so awesome! I'm going to get a tattoo pretty soon in the same spot as Elsie's polaroid, but I'm getting a typewriter...I'm SO excited! I wish we could have a big tattoo party! That's be so awesome! Have a lovely Saturday! & YAY for ink!

  3. Oh! I love the Hasselblad tattoo (the last one!) That is the first camera I used for my first commercial studio photography job.


    so pretty.

  4. Very Cool! You should see the tattoo sleeve my GF has, I am tempted to get my kids names in Armenian somewhere, but I don't know where! Wrist? I don't know. I still haven't mailed my tiny surprise to you, I haven't forgotten, I promise! Have a great weekend! xOxO

  5. i love these tattoos! i want one soo badly too

  6. obsession hmmm... does caffeine count? :)

    YOu should just go and do it!! :) just remember ribs, back, anything boney is gonna hurt - arms and legs aren't so bad!! Do it! lol