Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sweet oh sweet Happy Mail

Look what showed up on Saturday! I received my instax!! I took 6 photos that day.
Yesterday I received this!! Can you say HAPPY MAIL? Oh my goodness look at all those goodies. Thanks to Jen my Happy Mail partner for the month of Feb.--:D She did an awesome job! Do you want to know her theme? It was my blog header --papercamerascissors!! she sent me a change purse with scissors on it from Dainty Squid . again thank you!! She also sent me a silver camera pendant on a chain--again its perfect!! I love everything!! I ate all my chocolates--:D I can't wait to use my little stickers on a layout and my paper. You will see the tissue paper being used on some layouts too --:D Thanks, Jennifer for everything --:D
the box it all came in.

Have any of you gotten any happy mail in your mail box or on the door step? If so, I would love to see it. until next time remember to smile---xoxo gina


  1. oh wow you really got spoiled I hope you like what I am making you its looking so good!!!


  2. That is some ~*GREAT*~ happy mail! Love the new blog look too! xOxO

  3. Oh my gosh! I looove that she did a "paper camera scissors" theme!!! How wonderful!!!! And I'm jealous of your instax!!! ;)

  4. your so welcome Gina, I loved everything I picked to esp the box LOL.. I made a blogger tracker thingie now but not a site so I still write on Lj, but now can follow you and the other loves yay

  5. what is an instax mini ? Does it take mini polaroids? cute goodies you got in the mail. I love the change purse :)

  6. that is a cute change purse! i'm still waiting on one more of my packages to get here yet.