Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog slacker but not slacker all together--:D

Working on this cuties little craft swap. I can' t wait to get it sent out. I love how it is coming a long. Carrie, I hope you will love it!

You may know I have been working on a little project with Lindsay. Is it wrong I had a dream with Pandas last night? I think I might take a day off --the Pandas were not nice in any way in my dream. I was being chased with by a Panda in boxer shorts--why? I have no clue :D I did a lot of work yesterday for this project. I can't wait to post some of them. I even made some really cool flowers. I told my bestie I will be making her some because I am a little obessed with making them at the moment.
I have been working on Happy Mail cards for my HM peeps( hello Lindsay and Sasha) and bday cards for HM. I am a total slacker with bday cards--sorry Jamie but I did make the month of Apirl ahead of time( those will also be sent to you in this shipment).

pics found on yahoo images and Carrie's is off her blog.

What have you been up to? Have you been working on any projects? I will be taking a couple days off from working on the projects. My friend Karen just called me! We are planning a night out on Tursday. I really do need it---:D Sometimes you need a break from cleaning, cooking, yelling, breaking up fights and even the fun stuff.

I will be back for sure tomorrow to post some layouts and to show you my dt from SOTB. until tomorrow remember to smile--xoxo gina


  1. These are the cutest pics EVER!!!!

  2. oh I am excited!!!! Yours is turning out so cute too!!

    have a great sunday


  3. It sounds like you've been busy! The panda dream is hilarious, haha.

  4. I know your friends will ADORE whaaver you make them! Dreaming of panda, lo, that's pretty funny! I had a dream about kissing Jake the bachelor, as I'm obsessed with that show, so I get it! lmao
    I'm with you in the projects, I'm just finishing a second Alice in Wonderland swap, then it's time for a little break I think! Have a wonderful day! xOxO

  5. oh no!! Pandas arent supposed to chase you!!! At least he had the decency to cover up, LOL. Love that panda pic! and super love the panda layouts!! <3