Sunday, March 7, 2010

another weekend gone by

Hand stamped paper with my fave sassafras lass rainbow paper for a little added touch. Here is the flower I am in love with. You will probably end up sick of seeing these. I am now totally 100% hooked on making them.
the layout
My layout for SOTB . If you need a little inspiration we used shopping bags for the challenge. I knew I wanted to use the shopping bag my dd brought back from her Washington D.C trip. She collects Pandas( now you might know why I had my dream between Lindsay and Syd's love of Pandas).
I needed some inspiration so this is what i came up with for a challenge over at Scrapperie . The challenge is nothing to be straight and drop that ruler.

I will be taking a couple days off from my projects. A much needed time off so I can recharge my head. I also have other crafty idea brewing in my and maybe some flowers to be made. A few days ago I made an ugly plushie doll for my dd( she was not too happy about it) I might have to show what I did-(-to me it was a funny doll) . Well until tomorrow remember to smile xoxo---gina


  1. those layouts are adorable! I love the pandas!
    I would love to do an aceo swap with you, email me at
    xoxo, katie from punkprojects

  2. oh my goodness the panda layouts are perfect!!! Love Love Love them!!!! I love how you made the last one!!! SO CUTE!!! did you see my new panda blog button? eee!!!!! Got you something super cute from the RVA store :D

  3. I just love these layouts!!!! So adorable - I just love all the different elements that you use. I love those little flowers you are making too! Just adorable!!!!!!