Monday, March 8, 2010

yet again

used material scraps for the pink hearts and panda material that Lindsay sent. I out lined them in stickles--:D added buttons because I know she loves buttons. I also used my dymo! I love my dymo--:D doodled!!

I forgot to post these last night. Yes, more layouts! lol I thought it would be a great idea to make a Happy Mail scrapbook. I will do a page of all of my HM partners and their cards/letters they send me. What do you think? Jen sent me a picture of herself and boyfriend last month and that is where I came up with the cool idea. Shout out to Jessica if you could send me a pic I would love one. I also would love one of you Lindsay--:D I already emailed Sasha for a pic. If you guys would like a pic to do the same let me know.

off to clean and do some laundry--:( until later remember to smile xoxo gina


  1. I love love love the layout, seriously so cute!!!!!! I will totally send you a pic of me :) I love that cute idea!!!

  2. Gina dear-- I checked out that woodgrain paper and there is NO TAG ON IT!!! :( THere's no label, no tag, no info strip, nothing. BAH! I bought it at a little designer scrap boutique in Tennessee back in October, so that really does you no good EITHER! It had to have been old because it was on the sale rack and i snatched it, so who knows! I'm sorry I couldn't help more! American Crafts has some fun pink woodgrain out right now in their craft fair line, so you could check that out!

  3. ahhh love that layouts gina, and love how i am displayed too haha great ideas and great things


    oh ps i got a google reader thingie but my blog is still livejournal if you get confused.

  4. soooooo adorable :) I really like the roses you made the other day.

  5. that looks like a great idea! i will send you a picture in the mail.