Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Another day without my computer. Oh well --the only thing I really miss are my favorite blogs and web sites I had saved but I cant remember the web address( some I have saved on my blog--thank goodness for blogs--:) )

Yesterday I scrapped with my friend Jami. I worked on the new challenge up at Scrap Outside the Box. I think she did too or she talked about it( my brain is a little sleepy still so forgive me). I also worked on a lo just for fun. I had to leave around 2:00 to go to Wyatt's school for a conference. He needed to be tested last year for reading but some how they forgot. His teacher this year had no idea. She said she would look into it. Everything looks good he behaves and is doing well except for the reading.

When we came back I started dinner. I made spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread. After dinner I worked on a layout to submit to a dt call. I never really thought I would want to be one of those girls on a dt but I have found some blogs that are really fun and inspiring. I can see myself on those dt's --just not sure if my style is what they are looking for but it does not hurt to try right? I am not one of those people that keeps up with the newest and greatest scrappy stuff so what you see is what you get. I do have a thing for pp--I did have a thing for chipboard and had tons before I went through it to share( made me feel good). Buttons whole different story--I am always looking at buttons at the store or at the thrift its nuts! I was going back through some old layouts and I found three cool layouts I remember scrapping with Jami. i think we found a layout to scrap lift from a mag or on line. Anyhow the layouts have tons of buttons and they look so cool--I need to do another like that. Have you ever been into stickers? I think this will never die for me I collected stickers when I was in 4th and 5th grade( back then I lived in the country played with paper dolls, Barbies and watched the smurfs --don't judge me ) I still have all my books filled with those oh so awesome smelly stickers, Michael Jackson, snorks, and many more--I looked those( smelly) up on ebay they sell for so much unused of course. I remember when I first started scrapping I bought stickers and put them on every layout. now when you look back it looks as if they are floating in mid air on the layout. I didnt have a clue but it was fun. Look its been 12 years and my love for scrapping has only grown. ___:) I have met new friends through the scrapping world and ONE great friend ( actually met her in real life last April) I have to say its not a fad. The only sad part my lss closed where I could get QK for 30% at all times and my beloved Bazzill cardstock.

Well I am off to clean. Have an awesome Wednesday and remember to smile -----:) gina


  1. You're so sweet! I remember the button lo. We do need to do another one of those. Love some buttons! I need to post my los today that I did yesterday, well after I get titles on them. LOL

  2. those frames you linked me too were AWESOME! I could totally make some and put them on my armoire doors. I've been looking for something to replace the paper rainclouds on there right now. Thanks for showing them to me! Very inspiring!