Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh no its monday!

Another day without my computer_-----:( I can't wait for my power cord to get here.
I have been thinking what my friend( Jami) said that the weekends go to0 fast. I think the seasons go to fast. I was looking out the window at our neighbors tree one day it was filled with beautiful orange colored leaves the next day it is naked. I hate seeing the trees naked---its so depressing. It seems like yesterday the trees had buds on them and we were waiting on them to grow leaves. I guess its true that the older you get the years seem to fly by.

What is new? We went to the thrift store to find a light for Dave's den but could not find any we like. I did how ever found an awesome camera( I just don;t look for polaroids). I will post a pic of it when i get my computer back up and running. I got it for 8.89 someone on Ebay is selling it for 180.00 how crazy is that?

Last thursday I put our tree up and the kids put their ornaments on it. Again I will post pics later. I am way ahead of the tree thing but I was in the mood and the kids were all in school so no head ache. ---hee hee!!!

Well until next time ---take care and have an awesome Monday----:)

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  1. How funny you have the tree up. Thanks for scrappin today! We will get los done this week-end!