Monday, May 10, 2010

busy busy busy

field trip on Thursday at the ice cream factory and store --(did not get to take pics at the chocolate factory except for inside the candy store.)------ :(

My dh and son outside of Graeter's. We had a great time and the ice cream was delish! My dh had a coffee milkshake. Sam had cookie dough ice cream on a sugar cone and I had mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone.
Thursday was karate test night. Our boys tested for their senior yellow belt.
after the field trip to the ice cream and chocolate factories we went to the thrift store until the boys got out of school. Look what I found for Carrie. I called her from the thrift with my excitement. I can't believe I had found pyrex( it is very hard to find at our local thrift stores). I also bought another Polaorid for myself. In my hometown. We went to visit family ( my mom and my grandparents) this is outside my mom's apartment. Yes, that is an Amish buggy. See it pays off to have your camera with you at all times. :D
Last night my dd made tacos for dinner. Here she cut the tomatoes into a heart. How cute!!

I want to thank the fab Courtney for my blog make over. I love love love everything and it makes me happy that I have three columns and cute buttons. Please add a button to your blog and if I don't have yours I will do the same. Thank you Courtney!! love ya and love my blog you are one awesome chicky!!

I also want you to check out the new challenge that is up at Scrap Outside the Box. We have an awesome prize for the winner. If you need inspiration in the scrapbooking department this blog is for you and if you want to use things found around the house this is also for you. I love being able to think outside the box and I hope you do too.

I want to say I am sorry for not visiting your blogs and that I will be catching up today. I hope every one of us mothers had a beautiful mother's day and that is was filled with great memories. xoxo gina


  1. Loooove the blog makeover! Adding your button now! Soooo great!

    We have Amish buggies around here too. ;) I'm going next week with Grayson's Pre-K class to the zoo. That should be interesting! ha! Your kids' trips look so fun!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! xoxo

  2. I love the new look!!!! I will add your button of course! The pryex is beautiful thank you so so much :D



  3. Love the blog makeover!! How cool is it that you guys got to visit a Chocolate and Ice cream factory for a field trip?? Hope you had a good Mothers Day and my little guys name is Sam too!

  4. Yay!
    I am so happy that you love it your blog look.

    I love seeing all your random photographs-they are so funny!

  5. I LOVE LOVE your new blog makeover!! It's so pretty!!!!!

    Love all the pictures too!! SO much fun!!!

    Hope you have an awesome Monday and I especially hope your surprise comes in the mail today!!

  6. Wow, look at this awesome blog makeover! It looks fabuloso!
    I would love to see your sticker collection! Oh how i love stickers!!!
    Love you!!!

  7. I love your new blog look!!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and guess what I got in the mail today!!!! HAPPY MAIL!!! wow!! Thank you so much for everything....I love everything!! I don't have those markers or any of those stamps and I love love love the waternmelon!!! I am going to blog about it tomorrow!!! It was great being your partner for the month and I hope we stay in touch!!
    Debbie :) xxoo

  8. love the blog make over missy ~ looks amazing!!!!

  9. Your blog is so pretty!

    (E-mail me at littleohme(at) with your mailing address for some happy mail!)

  10. great post Gina :) I love your new blog cream !!!! yummy this should be our new swap theme...So funny that your family is also creative with food :) heart shaped tomatoes...too funny :)yay boys for getting your senior yellow belts :)I love pyrex stuff ...I have a lot of vintage pryex , still works and looks good too...

  11. First off I love your blog makeover!! LOVE IT! I think I may have to contact the fabulous Courtney to help me out!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!!

    Sasha :)

  12. OOOH pretty blog!!! Yummy, that coffee milkshake looks so good! What awesome photographs! Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! xOxO

  13. I love the makeover - it looks fantastic! Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)

  14. Love the new look!
    Thanks for the diecuts that you mailed me! I love them!!!!

  15. I just added your blog button!!! Will you add mine? Thanks sista!

  16. ice cream factory!? i want to go to one too!