Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy mail, awards and felt cutie

I won these over at you taylor and Katie it was my first time winning from a blog. I love the bottle cap pins. Cute cards--I can't wait to send them out. For some reason my computer will not allow me to visit their blog( i have to borrow my dd). Check out these talented young ladies.
all i can say is I am so so happy---:D this is what was sent to me from my Happy Mail partner this month Lindsay---I can't thank her enough. I love love Elsie and I collect cameras so when I received the camera print --I guess I screamed like a witch( so my dd says). I could not wait to find the perfect place for it. I ate the Swedish fish last night--:D I have no clue how I can eat those cute Owls--so cute!!! More felt to make some cute felt goodies. I have new Hello Kitty ribbon!! I am thinking of making a cute wreath with it--:D More elsie love---gotta love the little doodles she makes and they will for sure look so darn cute on a card or layout. thank you so much Lindsay--you out did yourself!!!!!!!!!

I was given this award from Lindsay the other day. Thanks so much sweetie!! Now I get to pass it onto 15 beautiful bloggers.

1. Sasha
2. Jessica
3. Jami
4. Elaine
5. Alli
6. Kat
7. Stephanie
8. Katie
9. Vicky
10. Jacque
11. Deb
12. Cat
13. Ally
14. Susan
15. Bekah

For the "Beautiful Blogger" and "One Lovely blog" award you need to:
~Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
~Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
~Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
~Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.

I sat down to make a quick Easter pin for my sweater( I hope I wont need the sweater).

well i did have my new sig on here thanks to Vicky but its gone---:( i am so sad.

I will try to find out where it went until then remember to smile ---x0x0 gina


  1. AWWW! Thank you for the award Gina!! :)

    Yay for Happy Mail! I love the camera print! The Easter pin is adorable too!! :)

  2. Awe!!! Thank you so much for the blog award!!! you are so sweet and deserved this yourself so much!!!!

    Congrats on your blog candy win!!!! What yummies you got!!!

  3. cute winnings there Gina & good happy mail loot too!your bunny pin is adorable...thanks for the blog award :)

  4. Aw, Thanks for the award! :)
    Thats a bummer your computer wont let you view my blog. I dont know why, I cant find a setting that would block it or anything. :/
    Glad you got your prizes. :) xoxo, Katie

  5. Aw, thank you for the award, Gina!! Your happy mail and giveaway presents look fantastic.

  6. omg ur happy mail makes me happy for u lucky girl i love elsie!!! thanks so much for my blog award and congrats on hitting 35!! i have 14 and i jump up and down lol ur pandas rock by the wayi wud luv scapping with them very creative

  7. YAY!!! I am so glad you like everything! I had so much fun putting all your prizes together!!! When I saw the camera print I knew you had to have it! You are very welcome on the award, you deserve it!!! :)
    Love ya!

  8. P.s Your easter pin is SOOOOOO cute!!! I love it!!

  9. thanks for the award!

    that happy mail package looks fun!!!

  10. Look at all the lovely goodies! Go girl! Congrats on the award!! Thanks for passing it on to me! :) I've got a cute idea for an Easter pin, haven't been in the mood to make it lately. If it turns out cute, I'll send you one!


  11. Thank you sweetie for the award! And that bunny pin is absolutely adorable!!!!! So fun getting goodies in the mail, something special about the girls here in blogland, that's for sure! lots of love, d

  12. hey, lady!! cute, cute easter pin!! i adore it :) thanks for the award...i always appreciate the support :-)

    have you heard anything about our next sotb project?

  13. awe YAY! Thanks for the award! You're adorable! I am SO totally jealous of that happy mail pack you got there! I've GOT to join in on the fun one of these days! As soon as I get some extra money i'll have to do it!

  14. awwww gina ~ yay!!!!!! thank you soooooooo much!!! im so honored to be amongst these talented ladies ~ thank you!!!!