Monday, March 22, 2010

all about reuse or recycle

this is what I used to make this cute wreath
1. the plastic owl is from the candy Lindsay sent me
2. liquid pearls for the eyes, around the head and wings
3. stickles for the beak and feet
4. embroidery hoop ( thrift store)
5. felt
6. green ribbon that was on the candy owl package
7. pink ribbon Lindsay tied my cute gifts with
8. purple ribbon target

I am throwing out this challenge---I challenge you to make something for spring/easter that is made of things found around your house. One item has to be something you would have thrown away( like the plastic part of the package). On your marks get set go!!!

until then remember to smile and get crafty------btw see my new siggy--:D thanks so much vicky!!


  1. cute!!! i love how resourceful you are...

    ...i didnt even know she sent out a list, so i guess you are one step ahead of me. do you happen to know what next month is? if so, can you email me it? ( )...thanks again :o)

  2. What a cute, cute wreath!!! I love that you made it from stuff Lindsay sent you! A cute little keepsake too!!! You're seriously brilliant, Gina!!! Love it! Happy Monday to you!!!!

  3. how cute is that I made a Easter wreath this weekend it turned out really cute! I love the owl :D

    have a great day


  4. Adorable Gina!!

    I'm in! I'm not sure what I'll make just yet but I'm gonna do it! :)

  5. I love it!!!! I love how you used the stuff I sent you! Great idea!!! I love love your creativity!! <33333 Have a great week!!!

  6. Super duper cute!!! I'm blogging your Beautiful Blogger award and I linked your blog on mine.

  7. very creative :) the challenge sounds interesting....putting on my thinking cap :)