Thursday, March 11, 2010

game night and scrappy time

Pink Ninja's prompt

Prompt: My Favorite Things
Technique: retro, vintage, pre 90's----------my owls are the pre 90's item i did not do a pre 90's technique--:(
Pink Twist: fabric

I scrapped for a little with my bestie Jami. Thanks !!

over at the PinK Ninja's this is the newest challenge/prompt
Prompt: Priceless
Technique: Distress
Pink Twist: pink paint

Dave and Samuel--how cute are they?
Last night we had game night at Samuel's school. It was a lot of fun!! We played three games Chutes and Ladders, Sorry and then Operation. Each student left with Dominos and Samuel won Uno to take home.

What did you do yesterday? remember to smile ---gina

don't forget to stop by Jamie's for MS awareness week and maybe a chance to win prizes.


  1. Oh I love your owl layout!! SO pretty!!!! I am the queen of Sorry btw!! lol

  2. the owl layout is adorable! and loooooove the mustache on the priceless one!!! the paper layering is too cool! so happy you played!

  3. Chutes and Ladders is AWESOME! How cool that the kids got to take home games!

  4. Aww your owls are so cute!!! I love your mustache layout too! haha

    I went to the library yesterday. Gosh it's been forever since I played a board game! I used to love Candy Land when I was little.


  5. I love your owls! So cute! I wanted to lyk the Alice in Wonderland stamps I use I bought at Stampington- I saw them somewhere else too, if I can remember where, I'll lyk!

  6. Your pages are so great - I love the owls! Yesterday I mostly worked, yuck. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

  7. Cute!!! I thought of you today when I was WM. They have the cutest little owl purse. Adorable!! Ok and I totally sucked on the blogging everyday.

  8. oh I love your layouts so cute!!!!

    The bubble machine came from Wal-mart in the Easter stuff they have yellow pink and baby blue so cute

    Have a great weekend


  9. love both of these layouts! great job!!!!! i wish my kids' school had a fun game night like that. love it when you play along with us!