Friday, February 12, 2010

thrift fashion and Valentines dress

the outfit I had on when I went to the school today for the Valentines parties at Wyatt and Samuel's school.
sweater--5.99 at thrift store
jeans--12.00 at Target
felt heart--handmade!!
doggie---dog shelter--65.00---:D
two tanks --old navy and the other ? cute outfit!

I had to take pics of my outfits for two reasons 1 I wanted to join in on the fun
2. someone had posted on another blog that it gives them the willies buying clothes at the thrift. I have to say I don't have to shop at the thrift but I its my choice. I love finding a cute sweater( going through a sweater faze) or for that matter anything cute and at a great price. would you wear anything from a thrift? Hey, I do wash or dry clean the items. Do you think the clothes you buy at the store are clean? Well, they are not! Someone tried them on or returned them after wearing them. I just want to get that out there. :D
dress 5.99 at thrift
sweater .99 thrift
tights--Target on clearance for 2.99
i think i need a big belt. yes or no?
Now look how beautiful my darling Sydney looks in her Valentines dance dress. We had to go buy a sweater because if you did not have straps or thin spaghetti straps, you had to cover up. LOL
The outfit cost around 45.00! Yes, we went to a second hand store( a place where you can take your clothes and they buy them, they resell it for more) first. If that did not work we would have gone to the mall. LOl I have to say Syd has to the perfect daughter. She had no problem going there to look first and she fell in love with this dress ( it was the first one she grabbed). If I had to I would have gone to the mall but why? Look at that dress its perfect!! The sweater was .99 at the local thrift--bought it today.

Sorry I have not been on my blog for a day but the net was done a little here and there. I think it was due to the snow--we have way too much--:D
until later remember to smile and maybe go thrifting----------:D you never know what you might find xoxo-------gina


  1. You are frikkin' awesome!
    Syd looks beautiful, and had you not said anything, I'd have figured that dress to be at least 50 bucks! And a 99 cent sweater, PINK!?!?! OMG, I'd buy that for myself! You know, my absolute favorite pair of Bubblegum jeans, I paid $5 for on ebay, 2 years ago! So I absolutely would shop thrift stores. Any day! And you look pretty fabulous in your outfit too! You have a great eye for putting together cute outfits!And at a bargain, what is better than that~ Good for you! Have a happy valentine's day weekend! xOxO

  2. cute outfits...and your daughter looks so beautiful...i love her valentine's outfit!

  3. oh my gosh you found that sweater for ony $6???? and that dress and pink one for so cheap too!! I love them all and I think if you wash anything its clean doesnt matter where you get it!!! Love all your cute clothes!! I still have never been thrifting and really want to badly!!!!!!
    P.S. Bought more stuff for the project :) SO EXCITED!!!!

  4. OMG!!!! Syd is beautiful! Shelby will be so jealous. Both of her dances have been cancelled. LOL Did she have fun?

  5. great combinations with your outfits and great deals on them too!

    your daughter looks so beautiful in her dress. i hope she had a good time at the dance.