Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Vday !!!

My dd receiving her black enamel and diamond Panda necklace from her Grandmother. Made the felt flower

my layout i did for the Book about me design team over at Scrapperie. The challenge was --I am who I am ( Dr. Suess) . I used a calendar page --I had to have it the papers are so bright and look at the art ____PURE CUTENESS!!! used some flair, orange sack, apple sack , dymo, little letter, thickers, glitter, white cardstock, black cs, hear pp and felt

My Reindeer Quickutz came yesterday ---he is so darn cute I can't stand it. I had seen on the Qk gallery that someone used him as a Chihuahua. He sold for 16.99 but i got him for around 12.00 --on ebay!
I have the bestie ever!! She sent me the cutest owl. Thanks so much Jami---love you and I am so happy/lucky to have you as a friend. My Valentine from my Happy Mail person---cutie herself Jessica. She is a photographer!! Check out her blog . thanks so much ---I have been loving pin ups for about 6 months so this was cool to receive.
My card I made for my dh ---I drew the love bug and added Love, elsie paper and made the letters.
Cards I made for my kids ( samuel and Wyatt). Samuel always makes me love notes so that is why his has love notes on it( cuteness). I used the orange sack to make two hearts.

I did not get a pic of my dd card but I will.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY______________ love gina


  1. I am so happy you got you QK! I am so gonna need one of those. I am glad you like the owl. He is super cute!!

  2. ahhhhh I love the panda page!!!!! oh em gee so cute!!! Those 3 little pandas at the top are amazing!! I keep buying more and more stuff for the project! I am so excited!!!

    Love the owl! SO cute!! You got some really really cute cards!!!


  3. Yes, that panda page is so CUTE! You are just so talented! I love hitting your blog for inspiration!

  4. I love all the cutest its just too much lol! The owl is the greatest! I hope we get to be happy mail partners it would be so fun well I guess we could do a trade or something if you want just email me if you want :)

    love the dress below too



  5. awww, thanks for posting a picture up of the card i made you. i'm glad you liked it! happy valentines day to you too!

  6. great panda page :) we need a close up of the necklace :) you're page is way cool...reindeer looks like it will be cute. Adorable owl you got. and nice valentines you got and the ones you made :)

  7. aww Gina, your vday things and scrap pages are super cute <3