Monday, January 11, 2010

BLOG love goes out to------

I was given this cute little award by the cutie herself Carrie .
Thanks so much Carrie for visiting my blog !I feel like I stalk yours. I now have to list 10 things that make me happy and then ten people /friends blogs that also make me happy
1.-------------my family---please excuse the nasty pic of me--:)

2. meeting this girly in real life after talking on the phone/yahoo for two years. We finally got to scrap in real life--yahooo. I hope one day I can met more of my bloggie friends.
3.-----if you know me I don't stick to one hair style long--hair styles make me feel happy for sure

4.------when I do have sweet tea ----its a happy dance!! gotta love it--:)
5.----when my honey sends me little ecards
6-------Hello Kitty---one day I will have a tattoo of this cute little face
7-----the feeling i get when I come down the hill in the Race for the Cure--if this does not inspire you what will?
8----going on motorcycle rides with this guy


10 creating and scrapbooking

I have to pick 10 blogs that make me happy

in random order-------Ally, Bekah, Elaine, Jami, nely , Hollie , Kat , Gloria , Janel , Jamie

I know some of these people have been already picked. I say the more love the better---feel the love--<3 Again thanks to Carrie---you made my day.


  1. Oh wow! I popped in here to read your 10 things and then saw that you had awarded me as well! Thanks so much! :)


  2. Love this! What a great idea! Thanks!

  3. aww...thanks. thats so sweet!!

    <3 B

  4. Thank you!!!! Love your list! =)

  5. thanks, girlie...your blog is also u cannot get happy from looking at hello kitty? hehe