Sunday, January 10, 2010

crafty and movie watching weekend

Went to Michaels today to get some felt to make a certain someone a turtle plushie pin. I found some awesome stuff to make more plushie pins and maybe some other plushie cuteness. See that shiney emboroidery thread--oh my goodness i can't wait to use it--:)
I promised to show my newest plushie pins--I am sporting Mr. Panda
Syd is sporting the Hello Kitty. I also made a red velvet heart but I used it for a card that I am sending out. I forgot to take a pic before sealing it --:( I hope maybe she will post a pic of it on her blog)
My polaroid ( fake) wreath. I loved Elsie's wreath and had to make one. I am going to add some cuteness to it. the ribbon is from one of the blankets my kids received from their grandma for Christmas( I have said it many times I KEPT everything if I know I can make something with it) --:) The ribbon was wrapped around the blanket when she bought it and it had velcro --now that is a keeper--:)
I watched these two movies with my Syd. I thought both were good but Harold and Muade was a little weird. To think that it was made in the same year I was born and Syd wanted the movie for Christmas.
I actually did do two layouts ( one with Jami the other on my own). I had a pretty good weekend. What did you get to do on the weekend? I hope you had a day filled with good memories with family or did some creating. Well until tomorrow remember to smile ----gina


  1. AWWW! Who ya make turtles for? :D What a freind! I did 3 los this evening & found a new blog. Sent ya the link on yahoo. I will talk to you tomorrow!

  2. very cute :)

    Everything love love

  3. I am so glad you had a good weekend. The Proposal was so cute, but I have never seen the other one. oh, and that panda pin is way too cool!

    I basically did nothing this weekend. I hung out with my family, worked, worked out, and had some great conversations with friends. :)

  4. Awww these are super cute - thanks so much for sharing - I love the panda :-). Have a great day love!!!

  5. aww. the panda and hello kitty are so cute.