Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lookie lookie

THIS LITTLE guy was my little find at the thrift store last week for .90 cents!!!

My all time favorite find last week this AWESOME camera---score!!!

I have collected vintage cameras since 1994 and when I met my dh way back he also collected ( it was meant to be --:) ) I have no clue what it is about owls but when I go to the thrift stores I must look there for a cute owl. If you know me I really am nervous around birds flying around me. It is weird to love these cute owls when I can't stand to be around real flying birds/bats. I guess its their cuteness and they don't fly---:)

Do you collect anything? Or do you collect something that you don't understand why? I also have a collection of Marilyn Monroe dolls( 5) my dad bought me. Right now they are in the original boxes but when the kids move out I plan to have my own room where they can be out for all to see. I would love to hear about collections you might have. have a super duper sunday and remember to smile-----:) gina

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