Friday, April 2, 2010

random post

My heart peace sign wooden button ring that my happy mail( from March) cutie made me. I can't wait to get another from her. Sorry for the bad pic. I love big rings !! Sasha, thank you so much --:DI ordered a drawing from this cutie. I love love love it!! I love the camera on my shirt and the Polaroids on the side. Love love the way she draws eyes too. thank you so very much---:D
I signed up for this class by these cuties!! I am super excited!!! I mean super duper excited.
Yesterday my sil came down to stay with us. My boys wanted her to see them go to Karate class. When she came down we took a walk around the neighborhood. Later in the day we went to the metro park. We had a blast and took tons of pictures. I will be posting them tomorrow. The post might be a little photo heavy but I can't get over how nice it was here and how beautiful the sky looked. My sil stepped on a snake which made me freak out screaming and running. I guess if you were there you would have had a great photo op. Heehee! My screaming made her scream and run also. She said " why are we screaming and running"? funny stuff!

Have a beautiful Friday and remember to smile--- x0x0


  1. I love the ring its great!!! I love big rings too and Janel's picture is great. Have a wonderful day!



  2. The ring is sooooo cute!!! I am so excited about taking this class, hello classmate! lol :) I of course love Janel's drawing too!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! Love ya!

  3. Yay! So glad you're taking the class too! Your drawing from Janel is sooo great!!! Happy day to you!!! xoxo

  4. So glad you love it!! :)

    I am super stoked about this class! I went out and bought my journal tonight and can't wait to get started!!

    Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

  5. ohh, have fun in the class! it looks good!