Monday, April 12, 2010

happy mail and random facts

Today this was in my mail box. Talk about some happy mail!! Oh my goodness--:D I love the ipad but I love love the sugar skull card!! That is another tattoo I would not mind having. Thank you so so much Becky
looks like the real thing--:D
My goodies I won from Jamie! I love love the atc book. I actually just started to add some liquid pearls to it and then maybe add a few more cute items to it. I have plans for the other board books as well.
This is not happy mail but it made Samuel happy. He found a four leaf clover a couple weeks ago. It is not 100% done but this is what I did to protect it. What do you think? Vicky and I have been exchanging atc for two months now. LOOk at these!! oh my goodness Hello Kitty holding a camera--:D Look at the one with the ducks. I love how she made the flower pop. Cuteness!! thanks so much Vicky!! I could swap with you forever!!My card and print from my happy mail peep :D I was happy to receive it because I was drooling over every one elses print. I am going to frame it--:D
Jamie--thanks so much i love it!

random facts about me------
1. I went to 10 different schools in 3 different states.

2. moved 24 times

3. my mom had me at 16

4. never really knew my dad( talked to him like three times and wrote him a long letter without any response a few years ago) but I think of my ex -step dad as my father( steve) I have known him and his family since I was 2. My mom and Steve divorced when I was 5( i still have contact with him. )

5. at one time his parents wanted to adopt me

6. While in high school two pieces of my art were in the Ohio governor's youth art exhibition.

7. I was on a bowling league when i was in jr high and high school.

8. we were called the Brat Pack( hee hee the 80's)
9. I don't like salt but I do like season salt. I only use that for my eggs.

10. I have to have my bed made. I refuse to get into a bed unmade. Its a weird fact but it is true.

11. met Dave while working in a factory.

12. He worked on the press ( printed boxes) and I worked in quality control.

13. We had Sydney before we married.

14. we moved from our home town because we needed better jobs.

15. we bought our first home in 2001.

Did you get anything that made you happy in the mail? Maybe items you ordered, swapped or just Happy Mail? I hope you have an amazing Monday ( what is left of it) and keep smiling---xoxo gina


  1. what great Happy Mail!!! I don't like salt either and i have to make up my bed~we weren't married when Brinsley was born either! so much in common :D

    have a beautiful day sweet girl

  2. love all the happy mail pics! And cute list about yourself. I have to make the bed as well!

  3. Love it! Love the random facts! Hope you're having a wonderful day!!! xoxo

  4. Awww...what great mail!! I got an "ipad" also! I posted pics on my blog. I agree with Jamie...I love the random facts. It is nice getting to know you! Have a great Monday!

  5. Fantastic mail! Samuel's 4-leaf clover looks so cute. I used to LOVE hunting for those as a kid. In second grade I missed the recess bell because I was so busy searching for them. I looked up and suddenly a different grade was outside - it was very traumatic for a seven year old, haha.

  6. First I love that you shared all those things about you! I love that your husband was a printer and you worked there :) Crap you moved alot!! Geez! lol

    You got CRAZY happy mail!! I'm glad you like the iPad ;) And me too on the tattoo idea! Tell me if you get it!

  7. FANTAsTIC!!!!! I got happy mail yesterday too - it just gives you the warm fuzzies!!!!

  8. wow! lots of happy mail , great stuff. I love Samuels lucky charm card sweet. I'm glad you liked your atc's . I'm addicted to these ...

  9. Love the random facts! I don't HAVE to have my bed made, but I do it most days cause it makes me feel calmer, and my day overall seems to flow better, we're both weird hahaha!