Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I feel lost

I went up to my hometown to see my sil and nephew. Gives the cousins a chance to play and be cousins. We had a great time but I missed my blog friends and seeing what was going on twitter. Now you see why I feel lost--am I the only one that feels that way? lol

I decided to start cleaning today since my sil will be staying here Thursday. See what I dug out of my dh den? I love that radio! I have to be honest I did not like it at first but it grew on me. I saved it from 3 inches of dust and what knows what. It now has a home on the table my dad gave me. I love the table too because it was my dad's, it has claw feet and a lion head as a pull. It might have a lot of scratches, cigarette burns( from dad) or water rings but I love it just the same. One day I will have my aunt restore it back to its beauty. My dad told me that Leave it to Beaver had one on the show. I never remember seeing it --lol I always looked too.

I now need to get busy on three swaps and my new Happy Mail. I am so happy to be back to blog land --I missed you all--xoxo gina

btw---you should check out the chance to win a prize from this cutie . She has over 500 followers!! Crazy!!! I can't even imagine. I was excited over my 35( i will be posting my first giveaway tomorrow--heads up). Janel is super talented and did I tell you she was my long lost sister? really, its true---she loves vintage cameras, loves nail polish and draws a mean doodle!


  1. Love the owls too cute! Glad you are back :D


  2. I always feel like I am never caught up on here! My hubby is sick, my daughter is sick....
    blogger was down yesterday so I'm a day behind!
    Oh, and I have to tell you, I tried the Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks and OMG, IN LOVE! What is that damn thing, 1000 calories a whap. Crap! But oh so worth every sip! xOxO

  3. yea I feel if I dont get on for a few days Im completely lost!!! an then there is like a hundred blog posts to catch back up on lol :) I love the radio!!! so neat!!!
    Glad your back!! Cant wait to see your giveaway! yay!

  4. Glad you're back!!! You were missed!!! Hope you've had a great day!!! xo

  5. Welcome Back :) Hope the cousins had fun.

  6. Yay your back!! :)

    Love the table, radio and owls! Can't wait to see your giveaway!!

  7. HEY! I miss u!!! I texted you tonight!

  8. welcome back!
    that table and radio are soo cool!