Wednesday, February 24, 2010


wood grain + polaroid= LOVEThis Polaroid is on my have to have list---PIC 1000 coming out in 2010--:D

This cute cute camera will be on its way to me! I can't wait!! I have been wanting this camera FOREVER! I have looked and looked for awesome deals. I found one on Amazon with 100 photos and in choco but when I finally went to buy it, they were gone--:( Oh well onto the next best deal---white with 50 photos! YES YES!! Can you tell I am excited? I am super excited. Now I have the other one I am dreaming of owning ---the Polaroid that has wood grain--:D

Have any of you bought any big items? until later remember to smile--x0x0 gina


  1. Yes, I dropped my camera the other day and killed it. It was just a point and shoot, so I just bought another hot pink point and shoot and LoVe it! This one is cute, I didn't see it!

  2. wow that wood grain polaroid is too cute!!!! I have recently become obsessed with wood grain myself!!! all colors of it of course!


  3. those wood grain cameras look really cute!

  4. Ooooo...those are two things that I'm also lusting after! Congrats on the instax purchase - can't wait to see your photos!!