Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what i have been up to

A little Panda love going on---:D
a sneak of the project I am working on for the Panda lover herself, Lindsay. Handmade felt bamboo leaves and stamped/ embossed Pandas. bamboo paper and some cute Pandas--:D
flash did not go off --:D my first batch of chocolate M&Ms cookies-mmmmmmmmmm
the first batch of chocolate M&M cookies that I made for the family last night.
I have a little secret about making them chocolate. would like to know?

Lindsay----I want to thank you for thinking of me to do this project. If you want anything added to those layouts let me know.

I am busy busy working on the project for Lindsay, cleaning house, going crazy with the 4th day the kids are home( is that bad?) and scrapping for myself. What have you been up to?

if you need a reason to smile or laugh please read the post below. until later remember to smile--love ya gina


  1. OH EM GEE!!! The pages are perfect!!!!!! I love love love them! Seriously Gina, you are so perfect for doing this project!!!! Thank you so much!! Got lots of cute panda stuff in today, started adding more to the box!!! I am so excited!! Those cookies look so yum btw!! Oh and I saved the top picture to my panda love folder!! LOVE IT!!!
    *so excited squeals*

  2. Your panda projects look super cute Gina!!!!! And your cookies look YuMmY! xOxO

  3. Those cookies look so delicious!!! Yes, what's your secret???? =)
    Those panda pages are soooo cute!!!!! Can't wait to see what it is!!!

  4. such panda cuteness going on there :) And cookies too !!! yum

  5. Wow, those cookies look soooooooo good! The pandas are pretty cute too!