Friday, February 5, 2010

SNOW and panda love

This picture was taken about 11:30 am
i like this--:D

2 hours later this is what it looks like outside.
This goes out to the Panda lover Lindsay. She has little crush on Pandas. My dd has the same crush. ( d0n't mind the mess) she has been a little under the weather and busy with school.

until later remember to smile---xoxo gina


  1. ahhh omgosh!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I especially love the hello kitty panda!! I WANT one so badly now!!!!! wow love the pic!!!! Thanks for the love :) Your snow pics are so pretty!! I love how you stuck the ruler in it :) hehe

  2. pretty snow pictures! I just made a crochet panda a few days ago, I'll have to post pics of her, maybe tomorrow?? I got your card, so cute!!! You're so creative!


  3. nice pix Gina . cute panda's too :)I got the atc's you sent yesterday. I love them , you are so creative . We need to swap again soon :)

  4. love your panda collection! And your pics are great, the fire hydrants look pink! love that! xoxo

  5. Adorable pandas!! Those are sooo cute! I too, LOVE the Hello Kitty one! :)
    Love your snow pics...we were supposed to get snow last night, but didn't. I'm kinda hoping it stays away for today. I wanna go to the Hobby Lobby!!! lol