Tuesday, February 9, 2010

random post

a little Robin sitting on the deck rail--awww poor little birdie!
My littlest lost a tooth Monday--look at the cute tooth holder necklace.
The dress Sydney picked out for the Valentine dance. we went shopping last night and there's nothing like waiting until the last minute. I loved this dress reminds me a little of Madonna back in the day when she was oh so cool. As soon as Syd tried it on I knew it was the one. The dance is not until Friday so, I will post pics of her in it then.
I used lots of Quickutz on this layout---so proud of myself for using what I have.
I made this for my Syd's ds. Not as cute as Janel's awesome crochet creation for her ds but it is cute with the Zebra print and the teal ( she loves teal).
I used a perfume card found at Macy's and I used the box from the perfume. I told you I save everything if I know I can use it--:D

I know this was a lot of random things but I wanted to share what I have been doing. I wanted share pics of my world.

How is it in your part of the world? It's still snowing here--blah!! I hate it!! What have you been up to? let me know in the comments or link me up---until tomorrow remember to smile----x0x0 gina


  1. Cute cute dress! I can't wait to see her all dolled up. Um it's snowing here. LOL I took pics of all my los and will post when I am done studying.

  2. Wow more amazing scrapbook layouts!!!! You should totally sell them or make some for me that I could buy! You are amazing!!!

    Love the Valentines dress, it's so pretty!!!

    I love the teal and zebra together :) so cute!!


  3. omg, look at that birdie- poor little guy! And your handsome guy with his tooth- too cute!
    Look at ALL your SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! damn! Your layouts are darling, and hey, I have that harajuku perfume- LOVE it and LOVE Gwen! Good for you for saving the perfume cards. I have a whole stack I haven't used, now you've inspired me!
    That dress is gonna be so cute on Syd! Stay warm, xOxO

  4. cute stuff! We are in the mist of prom dress shopping :/

    have a great day and stay warm


  5. love random posts! Your little bird looks pitiful, like he wants to come snuggle inside!

    Cute ds holder!!

    Congrats on the tooth to your sweetie!

    No worries about the package. I totally understand about being snowed in. We've had snow everyday for the past 3 days. So ready for SPRING!


    Oh yea and cute layouts! You got talent!!

  6. i love that last layout...too cute!

  7. the bird shot is cool :) the scapbook pages are great so creative & different , your own style :) I forgot about tooth fairies, been a while . the ds case is cute.dress is pretty.and I'm on bottle 2 of the gwen perfume, it smells soooo good :)have a great evening thanks for sharing,hugs,Vicky

  8. Ohhh looking at that bird makes me even colder than I already am!! Brrrrrr,,, okay - love Sydneys dress - so cute!!! And love those layouts - especially that hajaruku one!!! Have a great day!!!

  9. 1. Awesome catch on the bird and the snow ball!
    2. My dd has that same tooth necklace. Too cute!
    3. Awesome dress, can't wait to see the pics of her wearing it!
    4. Fantastic outdoor layout and so cool that you used stuff you had.
    5. Zebra print ROCKS!
    6. I am so with you reusing everything!!! Great job!!!
    7. Luv! luv! luv! Your blog!!!!