Friday, February 26, 2010

8 first songs

#1 Madonna---Holiday
#2 Finger Eleven --Paralyzer
#3 White Stripes--Icky Thump
#4 Michael Jackson--Billie Jean
#5 Blue October--Into the Ocean
#6 Len--Steal My sunshine
#7 30h!3--Dont trust me
#8 ting tings--shut up and let me go

I am here listening to my ipod and working on three projects( taking turns back and forth).
I thought it would be interesting to see what are the first 8 songs on your ipod when you turn it on. I have a lot of music but I could always listen to new. I love anything ( except for some rap). I love music that makes me want to move or mellows me --anything goes!! Now its your turn do you want to play along? If you said yes, link me up to your list of 8 songs--:D
until later remember to smile because I love you all--xoxo--gina


  1. my ipod needs to be charged, haha. but i do love madonna!

  2. I have Micheal Jacksons greatest hits CD and LOVE it!! Lady Gaga is in my car cd player right now though.