Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thrifty finds

Not from the thrift but I finally found it----YES!!! the original Mountain Dew.
big black heart necklace--still can't find a big locket but this will d0 for now. .99 cents! Did not buy this today but last week. just wanted to share.
This shirt just was calling me. Not something I would normally wear but I really liked the sleeves and the shiny threads. It will look cute with jeans or a skirt. 1.99!

Oh the Smurfs---found these and thought they would be cool for scrapping with. Almost like an overlay and only .90 cents for 5.

Syd has been wanting big white sunglasses for awhile now. SCORE!!! only .99 cents

What kind of thrifty finds have you gotten lately? please share and always remember to smile---gina


  1. That smurf thing is cool. I have never seen those before, or I have & forgot. lol Good deals. We went to Goodwill & it sucked BUT I did find a stocking holder for the mantle that match's MIL's for .99. I have looked in all the stores & couldn't find one that looked close to the same.

  2. Awesome, awesome! I am lovin' all your fad thrifty finds! I haven't got to go thrift shopping yet this year. We have had some snow, and I like to stay HOME! But as soon as I am able too, I am going to go CRAZY!! Can't wait!


  3. what great great great finds! everytime i go to the thrift store, i can't find anything good. :(