Friday, January 15, 2010

things around my house

Here are some of my things I have collected over the years. My plastic 3d tv pencil sharpener, GiGi the beanie baby( nick name my dad gave me long time ag0), Strawberry Shortcake, handprint done in crayola clay of my son, red ruby glass cream and sugar bowls passed down to me by my great grandmother, 911 coin my mom bought me, mr bean pez, Navy beanin baby for my dh, trolls( i collected trolls in middle school andhigh school these are just a few), bird that drinks from when i was kid, house purse from when i kid,retro sun glasses, camera and film pepper and salt shakers, SHirley Temple bowl, woodpecker toothpick holder( my dad bought me). Gumby and Pokey ( from when I was in middle school), clam shells my ds made into a craft, a couple plastic diosaurs from a restraunt we went to ( they were wrapped in our napkins) strawberry shaped jar, My dd always has the cutest shoes. Here she is wearing her new knome slippers from target(2.50!! cute and the right price!!) Panda shoes for the panda lover. She received these from her grandma for her 14th bday. from journey's

Well i hope you enjoyed seeing things around my house. I always love seeing others posts about what they have collected or just cute things. I am in the middle of making a couple crafts/scrapbooking for a few challenges. Here in a few I am going to the thrift--I hope i can find some cute goodies. tonight I have plans to watch some movies with my Syd. I want to watch Walk the Line and then maybe the movie Man in the Moon. What are your plans for tonight? Well until later remember to smile---gina

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  1. CUTE!! I loved looking at your childhood toys! Awesome way to display them!
    LOVE your DDs panda shoes! Adorable!

    I am hoping to hit the thrift stores today! Maybe I will find a great treasure! :)

    Have a great weekend!