Sunday, January 3, 2010

childhood memories

I remember receiving this like it was yesterday. When I first seen it in the stores i knew I had to have it. My dad tried and tried to keep it a secret but he could not hide it under his leather coat. I got it and loved it for many many years. My dd even played with it.
My all time fave. I loved how she moved her head to make the kiss and the lipstick( i even have the lipstick--shocking i know!!!---which I still have all my barbies and their clothes. Barbie i heart you!!!
I loved seeing the little pegs all glowing in the dark.
I remember sitting at my Grandparents house for hours creating some pretty cool designs with the little plastic wonder. Wish I could find an original like this for my kids. I still have my Strawberry shortcake even though she no longer smells like strawberries. I still love her. She brings back happy memories. WIsh I still had my collection of these oh so not cute cards. They were pretty funny to read.
I had fun with this owl. My grandparents had bought it for me for my birthday one year one day it just came up missing I searched the whole apartment we lived in. I still think my friends kid took it---:(
I remember getting this for christmas one year. Oh the fun of making different outfits.

Do you remember your favorite toy or anything from your childhood? I have a list a mile long and I wish i had them all. Here are a few things that were my all time favorites. Some I still have some are long gone but not forgotten.

all photos from i love the 80'


  1. OMG! I had that tree house & have a pic of it. I will post it. AHHHHHHHHHH they 80's!

  2. bahaha. Spirograph is my favorite!!!

    Those are all amazing. I had never heard of Garbage Pail Kids!

    I hope you have an amazing week.

    <3 Bekah

  3. I had the tree house I loved it so much!


  4. Garbage Pail Kids?!?! LOL Now there is a walk down 'memory lane' :D
    Barbie was pretty much my fave toy, also got into the Mr. Potato heads. Had some mini ones, a house, and even a blue convertible! whoo-hoo! Very RAD!
    Loved looking at your list, they sure don't make toys like they used too. :(

  5. Oh my goodness I remember all of these! The spirograph was the best!

  6. Oh my goodness! What fun memories!!! I had the Strawberry Shortcake trolley and a bunch of dolls. I've been meaning to get to the garage and dig it out. I always wanted Garbage Pail Kids and had some of them but my mom HATED them, lol.